My Name is James Tran.
I’m just another dude that sits behind a computer too much.
Unfortunately i do this professionally, thank goodness i’m good looking otherwise i wouldn’t have much going for me 😉

You ever go to google to find the answer to a technical problem only to find out there IS AN ANSWER and it IS NOT POSTED, hopefully this helps cure some of that.
Work lazier, not harder.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi James,

    Didn’t find any email, so I’ll post here(please remove it later).

    I’m looking for developer familiar with Cubism.js/Graphite to help me with my project.
    Estimated time for this job is about 3 hours. The task is really simple. I can pay on per hour basis or as a fixed price.
    (I can pay upfront, or we can use services such as oDesk.com or Elance.com, they have escrowing mechanism to make you sure that I’ll pay. Or if you have Amazon wishlist, whatever).

    Let me know if you have time/interest to help me.
    Thanks in advance,

    I’d like to:
    1. Make side bar where I can choose hosts (list of hosts is available in SQLite3 database)
    2. When user chooses host: draw all the graphs related to this host in compact fashion, exactly as Cubism.js can do it.
    (we use another SQL query to find out all the graphs belonged to this host)
    2.1 We should show user the description of these graphs (that we get from SQlite as well)
    3. Make it look nice (I find default appearance very nice(http://square.github.io/cubism/))
    That’s it.


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