Amazon EC2 – Clone system into AMI without reboot

This requires you to install the Amazon CLI API tools located at:
This also requires java installed
Api Reference here:

This is for the lazy people like myself to reference
This will snapshot all ebs volumes that are also attached to the system you’re creating an image from.
If you’re not pausing this instance when you take a snapshot you can get an inconsistent state, but if you can’t afford downtime then just do this and if it doesn’t work when you boot a new system do it again

james.tran$ ec2cim i-111a111 -n my_newami_name -d my_description --no-reboot --region us-west-1 -W AWSUSER_SECRET_KEY -O AWSUSER_ACCESS_KEY
IMAGE     ami-543106

One thought on “Amazon EC2 – Clone system into AMI without reboot

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