Ruby – regex example

I thought i might throw out some simple examples of using regexes with ruby for when i forget

command = `mpstat -P ALL`
regex = /(?<NAME0>load)\s+average:\s+(?<NAME1>\S+),\s+(?<NAME2>\S+),\s+(?<NAME3>\S+)/x
result = command.match(regex)

# Print your regex
puts " #{result['NAME0']} #{result['NAME1']} #{result['NAME2']} #{result['NAME3']}"
puts " #{result[1]} #{result[2]} #{result[3]} #{result[4]}"

annndd… something more complicated in context of something else

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "getopt/long"
require 'socket'

opt = Getopt::Long.getopts(
     ["--server", "-s", Getopt::REQUIRED],
     ["--port", "-p", Getopt::REQUIRED],
     ["--environment", "-e", Getopt::REQUIRED]

unless opt["s"] and opt["p"] and opt["e"]
  unless opt["p"] =~ /\d+/
    currentFile = File.basename(__FILE__)
    puts "usage: ./#{currentFile} -s graphiteServer -p graphitePort -e siteEnvironment"
    puts "usage: ./#{currentFile} -s someserver -p 2003 -e dev"
    exit 1

statprefix = 'stats'
hostname = `hostname`.chomp
command = `mpstat -P ALL`
epoch = (
graphiteServer = opt["s"]
graphitePort = opt["p"]
siteEnv = opt["e"]

regexTitles = /(?<TITLEID>CPU\s.*)/x
partsTitle = command.match(regexTitles)
partsTitle = partsTitle['TITLEID'].split

regex = /(?<CPUID>all.*)/x
parts = command.match(regex)
parts = parts['CPUID'].split

hash = Hash[]
sock =, graphitePort)
hash.each_pair do |title,value|
  title = title.sub(/^\%/,"")
  sock.puts "#{statprefix}.#{siteEnv}.#{hostname}.cpu.all.#{title} #{value} #{epoch}"

One thought on “Ruby – regex example

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